PID Controller Design for Two Link Flexible Manipulator

  • R. M. Mahamood University of Ilorin, Nigeria
  • J. O. Aweda
  • K. R. Ajao
  • O. T. Popoola
  • J. K. Odusote
Keywords: Flexible link manipulator, Matlab/Simulink, PID control, Step input signal, Traditional control law


Flexible Link Manipulator Systems (FLMs) is more favoured in the industries when compared to the rigid link manipulator, the reason for this include: their light weight, the ease with which they can be manipulated, they consume less energy because of their light weight, and they can be manipulated faster when compared to their rigid counterpart. Despite all these advantages, controlling flexible system can pose a lot of challenges because of the distributed nature of such flexible systems. In this research work, a traditional proportional, integral derivative (PID) control system was designed for two-link flexible manipulator. The two-link robot manipulator was modelled using Lagrange and assumed mode method. The control law was developed and tested in Matlab/Simulink environment. The performance of the designed controllers is evaluated in terms of input tracking capability, energy utilization, and deflection suppression and vibration control. This study shows that a simple traditional PD/PID controller can be effectively designed for two link flexible manipulators for point to point motion control and vibration suppression.

Author Biography

R. M. Mahamood, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Department of Mechanical Engineering, 

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Mahamood, R., Aweda, J., Ajao, K., Popoola, O., & Odusote, J. (2015). PID Controller Design for Two Link Flexible Manipulator. LAUTECH Journal of Engineering and Technology, 9(2), 17 -. Retrieved from