IOT in Smart Villages: Challenges and  Prospects

  • M. R. Akinsiku Federal University of Technology
  • B. Ubochi Federal University of Technology Akure
Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Villages, Sustainable Development, Rural Connectivity, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Healthcare, Community Engagement.


Smart villages, which use the Internet of Things (IoT), offer a viable solution to the issues that rural communities confront around the world. This study provides a complete overview of the role of IoT technology in transforming rural communities into long-term, technologically advanced centers. It investigates the fundamental elements of smart villages, such as renewable energy, digital connection, agriculture, healthcare, and community interaction. It also addresses the benefits, constraints, and future prospects of using IoT in smart village programs. This research will analyze existing literature and case studies to provide insights into the potential benefits and best practices for using IoT solutions in rural development.

Author Biography

B. Ubochi, Federal University of Technology Akure

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Senior Lecturer

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